About Modi By Liz

"Stemming from the fashion industry, textile has always been the passion that runs through her veins."

Liz was born in Miami to Cuban and Turkish parents. Her father opened a store downtown Miami in the early 90's, with the concept of importing the clothes from the families factory in Istanbul, Turkey. The store was called Modi, and the factory is called Modimeks. Growing up playing in her fathers store and jumping around on mountains of fabric rolls, she was introduced to the fashion industry at a young age. 

Fashion was always something that she admired, yet struggled with due to her body size. Growing up, most brands did not offer big sizes so the search for cute outfits was always a bit of a hassle. This struggle is what ignited her to pursue plus sized clothing that not only fits the "plussized" woman, but also compliments them. 

Becoming an Instragram plus size influencer, Liz realized that there are a lot of women like her, who have struggled with their body as well as with fashion. She began networking online and became part of the body positivity movement. Her goal is to show women that they are beautiful despite what size they wear. Your beauty is not determined by your size. 

Her style has always been sophisticated mixed with chick and sexy, and she realized that it was difficult for her to find clothes that she felt comfortable in. This inspired the search for new styles and she realized that in 2018, there is still a demand for plus size fashion. This was the moment that she decided to take her own style and convert it into something she can share with other women. She was set on a mission to introduce the plus size production to Modimeks, so that she could have an overview of where her collection is being produced. Being able to have a textile factory behind her, supporting her vision, she has been able to pursue her dream of helping women feel confident in their outfits. 

Honoring her father, who passed away in 2013, she named her brand "Modi By Liz". She wants to continue what he started in the early 90's, adding her own twist to it - A Plus Size Collection for Fashionistas.